Ep. 27 – Breakups And Makeups

Ep. 27 – Breakups And Makeups

Feb 29

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Breakup Recovery KitOn the show today, Brian and Mike talk through some of their relationship issues. (Welcome to this emotional roller coaster they call “friendship”, everybody.) It’s a real peek inside the dynamics of this very odd couple. This whole episode may leave you wondering, “Are they breaking up… again?” Let the guys know you’re pulling for them to stay together, Al Green-style, by emailing the show at Beers@SudsAndBuds.net.

Other topics today include: 1) Mike’s trip to Burke Mountain, VT and his glimpse into why people with kids don’t have as much sex. 2) Why Mexicans don’t ski. and 3) The guys’ biggest fears… or Mike’s biggest fears and why Brian is so afraid to share his biggest fear. (Strap in cuz this one *might* get a little serious.)

Today’s beers: Two award winning beers from UnibroueLa Fin Du Monde and Trois Pistoles

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