EP. 25 – Video Version

EP. 25 – Video Version

Feb 09

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Suds And Buds: Episode 25 – Live From Speenburg

live from hereThis week, we do the show from Mike’s couch in Smyrna. If ever there was an episode that shows you what happens when these two guys hang out, it’ll be this one. Here is Brian & Mike with absolutely no structure, no outline, & no purpose other than drinking beer and talking about what happened today. The main topic that they “talk around” is Mike’s steaming fresh fight with Amy. [Brian's Note: I think she could kick his ass]

As a result of their argument, topics for this show include: 1) The core difference between Mike & Amy that are the root of why they’re arguing, 2) Why vocally charged arguments between spouses can be healthy, 3) How much sex Brian *isn’t* having at home.

(…and you thought they would save a few of the World’s problems this week, right? No such luck, folks. Just beer and laughs.)

We would like to dedicate this show to Alex Albrecht & Kevin Rose from Diggnation. Thank you for 341 episodes and all those years full of geeky “good times”.

This week’s beers: Sweetwater Brewing’s “Sweet Georgia Brown Ale” and Sam Adams seasonal “Alpine Spring”.

Take a few minutes to email Mike and Brian at Beers@SudsAndBuds.net. Let us know how much you love the show, what your favorite beer is, or if there’s a topic(s) you’d like to hear us talk about in future episodes.

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IN HONOR OF TODAY’S TOPICS (and in hopes of a Speenberg rematch), we recommend you pick up two copies of this book… one to read and the other to throw directly at your spouse :

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