EP. 31: Hey Look! It’s Van Morrison! (video version)

EP. 31: Hey Look! It’s Van Morrison! (video version)

May 25

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After a month + away from the podcast, it’s GREEN SCREEN MADNESS. Brian & Mike christen the new podcast studio in Brian’s house with Episode 31. Through the miracle of modern technology, the guys will take you from an Irish pub to the Bahamas in less than 3 seconds! The new podcast suite at BonzoTunes Studio also allows for special pop-in guests like Creepy Van Morrison. Also, get ready for TONS of talk about Mike’s new DVD: Pizza And Corn.

After a month with no podcast, the guys have very little to talk about. So, thanks for tuning in and we will see you next week……………………….

Now that all the “drive-by rubbernecks are gone”, here’s the real scoop for all the real fans of the show: The guys talk about DEATH. Following the death of several friends and family in Brian’s life and Mike’s near death experience while para-sailing & cliff diving simultaneously in the Bahamas, we get both dudes’ opinions on dying, death, and what happens after we “bite the big one”. They also talk at great length about Mike’s new concert movie / DVD, “Pizza And Corn”, which can be bought at www.PizzaAndCorn.com for as little as $5.

*To donate to the Marcus Johns Memorial Trust, which has been set up for Marcus’ two daughters, go to www.MarcusJohns.net

After that, the guys talk about Bill Cosby, why Brian is so long winded, Mike’s opportunity to appear on a new reality television show, why TV needs stereotypes, and why all Southern people aren’t stupid, intolerant, self-righteous idiots. They also talk about the filming of Mike’s new concert movie / DVD, Pizza And Corn, which can be bought at www.PizzaAndCorn.com for as little as $5. (The DVD version also includes Suds And Buds, Ep. 30: “Mexicans Beers & Stripper Girlfriends”)

Oh, one more thing. Brian tells you the easiest way to set up a quick booty call… according to his next door neighbor Todd.

And of course, Brian & Mike talk throughout the whole show about Mike’s new concert movie / DVD, Pizza And Corn, which can be bought at www.PizzaAndCorn.com for as little as $5. [Marketing research says consumers need to hear about a product 3 times for them to remember it and, subsequently, convince them to buy said product. So, they're gonna tell you at least 12 times so you'll buy 4 copies]

This week’s beers: Island Beers – Commonwealth Brewery’s Kalik and the Jamaican lager Red Stripe.

Make sure you go to www.PizzaAndCorn.com to buy your copy of Mike’s new concert film. There are several options including:

- $3 Downloadable Concert Album
- $5 Downloadable Concert Movie
- $7 Combo Pack which includes the downloadable concert album AND movie, a 15 minute interview with Mike as well as a TON of extras.
- $15 DVD which includes the concert film, the “15 Minutes With Mike” interview, and a special Suds And Buds: Episode 30 – “”Mexicans Beers & Stripper Girlfriends” [yes, it's the only place you can see this very special episode filmed on Brian's front porch]

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